About Us

The WHY!

I MISSED my two kids! It is pretty simple. I had been in a successful sales career since I was 18 years old. Despite my success, something wasn't quite right. One day while selling cars, I had an epiphany that I was selling what little (valuable) time I had with my kids for money. That wasn't acceptable to me.

I knew the transition would be difficult and like any family, finances were my wife and I's biggest fear. We realized that the time I would gain with my two boys (Brecken (14 months) and Brooks (11 years)) was way more important and valuable than the money we were sacrificing.

It was with that thought that Tarheel Turf was born and it has been successful! I got to coach my oldest sons 6th-grade football team, got to attend 5th-grade graduation, volunteer at my wife's elementary school BBQ fundraiser, go out for Halloween, go to photo shoots and much much more